Water Heater Repair

When you have a conventional water heater with a tank, and it has developed a leak, all the area around the heater will have to bear water’s wrath. Leaking water from the heater in the quantity of 30 to 40 gallons will flood the basement, or your garage will suffer all the damage if you have placed the heater in the area. The tankless water heater is no exception whether if it has developed a leak. The gas problem for the water heater is devastating for all the family members and property alike. If you find any issue with your water heater, it is imperative not to take things into your hands and call the expert professionals with certification and expertise right away.

FCS Water Heat Slab Repair Austin

The name is the symbol of quality and trust for the past ten years in Austin in water heater repair. Our technicians are certified and trained in repairing all kinds of water heater issues and situations by rendering professional services for the people in town. We use high-tech tools and modern methods to mitigate the damage and save the people and property’s lives from unwarranted situations.

Water heater repair

There are various situations and issues for which people call our expert technicians to render the most satisfying town services. Some of the most common ones are as follow:

Tank leak

When you have a conventional water heater with a bigger tank, you cannot risk a leak in the tank. The best way to save your property from the spillage of 30 to 40 gallons of scorching water is to get your water heater checked periodically by our expert technicians. If you see water around the heater tank, turn the power supply to the heater in electricity and gas. Call our technicians right away, and we will save the property and heater from the damage and devastation.

Joint or pressure valve leak

The pressure valve saves the tank from generating extreme pressure inside. If it gets damaged or there is a malfunction, it will start leaking water on the floor. If there is some leaking joint, it is also not safe for the heater and the property. Call our expert technicians, and we will save your property right away by rendering the most vital services in town.

Rusty or stale smell water

The stale smell or rusty color signifies that the tank has sediment build-up and has started rusting inside it. Call our technicians, and we will clean the tank and provide you with the lasting measure sot keep the tank clean and provide you with fresh and hot water for some extended time.

Gas line problemĀ 

If the pilot light turns off on its own in the conventional water heater or facing some difficulty in lightning the tankless heater’s heating system, this signifies a gas line problem. Call our expert technicians right away, and we will save the waste of gas and keep all the people inside the facility safe from the harmful effects of leaking gas inside.