Water Heater Repair Austin

FCS Water Heater Slab Repair Austin

We are the most famous company in Austin for providing lasting measures and innovative solutions that keep the water heater and your property safe from devastation and damage.

Conventional water heater repair

The conventional water heater is the most common type of appliance found in domestic, commercial, or educational buildings for hot water. But these appliances develop some problems because of the regular use, boiling water, and mineral build-up inside the tanks. Our technicians are certified and experienced in taking care of all sorts of issues and problems in your conventional water heater. We have earned the reputation of the local heroes by providing innovative solutions and lasting measures.

Leaking tank

A leaking tank is the most devastating phenomenon that can happen to your water heater. The reason behind a leaking tank is mostly rust and mineral build-up. When you don’t take care of the tank and do the routine checkups and overhauling, the mineral inside the tank will start eroding the surface, and it will compromise the area, the tank itself, and the increased pressure could cause an eruption in the tank.

Leaking plumbing

Water heater plumbing is more sensitive, and there should be some preventive measures that must get taken to keep it safe from the pressure and harmful effects of hot water. Any factor could cause an open or a hidden leak in the plumbing, which would result in the devastation of the area. Call our technicians, and we will take everything under control.

Coloured or smelly water

The smelly water from the water heater or dark color indicates the issue in the tank or the plumbing. If your plumbing is of metal or the underground pipe leaks, it will bring all the dirty water from the puddle e around it, and you will have to suffer from infections and disease by using the infected water. Call our technicians, and we will use the scientific methods, modern tools, and experience to find out the real culprit and provide you with relief and comfort for some extended time.

Tankless water heater repair

The tankless water heater is a new trend in town. The advanced features and almost no space required for installation make it the hot cake for the people, and they are getting their conventional heaters removed and replacing them with tankless versions. Like all the other appliances, the tankless water heaters are also susceptible to some issues and problems. We are the obvious choice in such a scenario because of our customer-responsive philosophy, modern tools, and robust methods.

Leaking joints

A leaking joint is the most common problem of the tankless water heater. Three could be various reasons for this issue, but when you have repaired it for more than two to three-time, and it persists, this is the sign to call some experts who know the real reason behind it. We are the first choice in the first time joint leak because of our lasting measures.