Water Heater Repair Austin TX

Water heaters are essential appliances for any building. Still, there is some period in the year when they stay dormant, and after regaining their life, they could develop some problems in the everyday operations. The water heater’s continuous use also makes them a subject to wear and tear of the most used parts. It would be best if you had expert technicians equipped with modern tools and are focused on providing you with affordable and straightforward solutions to keep the water heater functioning at the optimum level.

FCS Water Heater Slab Repair Austin

We are the most reputed company in Austin for providing you with the most satisfying services in own. When there is a water heater involved, people get to know about an issue in their water heater because of some strange sound in the appliance. Following is the list of those sounds for which people mostly call our expert technicians and resolve their problem.


The rumbling sound gets heard when you have a water heater that has finished a year or two in your building. The lime and sediment build-up on the unit walls is the real culprit behind this issue. When the water heater’s temperature increases, it will push the sediments with the wall or the bottom of the tank, and it will create a rumbling noise. When you hear such sound, call our expert technicians, and we will drain out all the sediments and clean the tank for a noise-free operation.


Ticking sound is also associated with one year or older water heater. The reason could be the nipples that link the plumbing with the unit. When water temperature increases, the nipple will trap the heat, and you will hear the ticking sound. This is not the apparent reason behind the ticking sound, as the loose traps are also a significant reason responsible for this noise. When the water temperature increases in the older water heater, the tank will make the sound by rubbing on the straps. Our technicians are equipped with the tools and understanding to find the cause and provide you with lasting solutions.


The popping sound is because of the mineral build-up in your tank. When you have hard water or an increased level of mineral in the water supply, the heating treatment will make all the minerals build up together, and they mostly end up in the bottom. If you don’t take care of these minerals in time, they will convert to be the limescale. And when you heat the water, it will trap the bubbles in the limescale, and excessive heat will make them pop, and you will hear the popping sound. This is not an alarming situation at all. But the solution to this problem is easy, and our technicians provide you with satisfying services and drain out the lime, minerals and leave you with a clean and safe water heater tank.