Water Heater Installation

Nowadays, it is impossible to live in a house without hot water. Our Company FCS Water Heat Slab Repair can handle the water heater installation in Austin, Lakeway & Round Rock for this Service.

We offer water heater installation at any time. We only hire licensed, insured, and skilled plumbers. You will see that they can deal with anything you may call them for, provide assistance, and offer a free estimate to help you place your new water heater. A 100% satisfaction guarantee also applies to our work, and we provide a free consultation at your home.

Five signs you need a new water heater installation

Your water heater can stop working without warning when it needs to get replaced. You should consider nee water heater installation if you notice any of the following signs:

  1. Several years have passed since you bought your water heater.

Before requiring an upgrade, this equipment can typically last about ten years. The sooner you replace a water heater that is older than ten years, the better. Most water heaters last only a few years, sometimes just four years, depending on how they get used and other factors.

Are you not sure about how long it’s been? Is there any indication that the old water heater is no longer working correctly? If you are unable to find out. Our plumbers are experts in finding the slightest flaws in the water heater. We can install tankless, gas, and electric water heaters.

  1. When you turn on your faucet, the water appears to be rusty or strange color.

There is a chance that your water heater is rusting from the inside and that it could start leaking soon. If you feel any strange odor or color change in your water, call us.

  1. You’re rapidly running out of hot water.

In some cases, when you notice that your water is running out very fast. It’s essential to check your water heater periodically. Our plumbers provide these services in Austin, Lakeway & Round Rock. FCS Plumbing company can review all issues and give the best suggestions.

  1. Unusual noises are coming from your water heater.

With time, sediment builds up at the bottom of water heaters. It solidifies and produces popping, breaking, and likely thumping sounds. With Age, a tank can get damaged, and water leaks can occur.

  1. Water is leaking from your water heater.

After a long time, even the tiniest crack can develop. You can’t ignore such a crack in your water heater. You should call to speak with one of our professional plumbers in our FCS Water Heat Slab Repair company in the event of a leak.

Why Choose FCS Water Heat Slab Repair?

➢ Installing water heaters of any make or model is our specialty.

➢ Building codes, local laws, and regulations apply to all installations.

➢ To prevent water pressure issues, we route all cold and hot water pipes correctly.

➢ Water heaters should have proper ventilation so that they don’t pose a fire hazard.

➢ Our plumbers can install systems that keep hot water circulating in your pipes so that you can use them at any time.