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We are the most repeated name in Austin if there is a hidden leak in your facility. Our technicians use modern tools and scientific methods in detecting the hidden leak in your plumbing and repair the pipe without causing any damage to your property or plumbing. We have earned the reputation of the most sophisticated technicians with modern tools and scientific methods.

Symptoms of a hidden leak 

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to look for the cues and clues which indicate a hidden leak in your facility. Following is the list of the most common symptoms of a hidden leak.

High utility bills

When you have to [ay the high utility bills without any extensive and extra use, this is the sign that there is a hidden leak in your building. You must take corrective measures and call our plumbers to provide you with the plumbing leak detection and repair.

Always running heater

When there is a leak in the plumbing linked to the water heater, it will keep the hot water flowing. The hot water is more dangerous for the walls and foundation of the building. If the hot water keeps running, it will wash away all the sand, and you will feel uneven areas on the floor. The cracks in the wall are the final indication that things have gone out of control, and you must avoid the area and call the robust technicians right away and get the leak repaired.

Puddles on the floor

A hidden leak in the floor and wall will push water, and it will make puddles in the floor without some open source. The pools and puddles are the signs that there is a hidden leak that is causing water to accumulate on the floor. Even though you keep removing water, it will again accumulate on the floor unless you get the leak repaired.

Damp carpet 

Damp carpets and the stale smell sign a slab leak or a hidden leak in the wall. You need to look for the signs and source of the water that will indicate the water’s pathway and reveal l the location of the leak, whether it is in the wall or the floor.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew require a continuous supply of water. If you find mold or mildew creation in the building, this is the sign of a hidden leak. Doctors and researchers forbid people from breathing in the area where there is mold or mildew. The articles form the mold are a grave threat to the health of the people living or working inside the building. You need to call our technician to repair the hidden leak and cut the water supply to the area keeping the mold and mildew alive.

Hot slabs 

Hot slabs or a hot floor sign that your plumbing has developed a leak, and it is the most devastating source of foundation damage to the building. If you don’t take in-time actions, you might have to evacuate the facility to ease the people’s experiences if the dirt washes away and compromises the building.