Hot Water Repair

Many homeowners ignore their hot water supply until there is an issue with it. Even with today’s highly durable water heaters, these devices will still wear out and malfunction over time. Water heaters must require some repairing once in a while.

If you don’t want your water heater to wear out, regular maintenance is essential. However, a professional will help you guide what to check and what to ignore during hot water repairs.

Some Common issue

If you have an electric water heater, the following are some issues that you may face after some time.

  •    Leaky tank top

Loose pipes, faulty pressure valves, or leaks coming from the inlet valve can cause water to leak from the top. You can either attempt to fix the problem yourself or contact a technician to do the job.

  •    Insufficient hot water or no hot water at all

First, check the power source of electric water heaters. You need to replace the heating element if your power source is working. A thermostat problem may be responsible for an insufficient hot water supply. A water heater’s thermostat gets located behind an access panel on the tank’s side. During the winter months, your thermostat might need a minor adjustment, even if it has gotten set to a specific temperature by the factory.

  •    Water coming out from the bottom of the tank.

 A leaking bottom could be due to condensation or pressure, or the tank might need to get replaced. A good technician should determine the leak source to find the appropriate solution.

  •    Hot water pressure is too low.

When the pressure is too low, you may not need a repair for your water heater. The older plumbing might be the cause, which you would have to replace. To get a good idea about what to do during hot water repairs, call a technician.

How to maintain your hot water heater?

When you have problems with your hot water heater, it makes sense to call a technician who is an expert in hot water heater repair. A technician is skilled at solving plumbing and heating problems, but homeowners also need to maintain their water heaters to minimize unwanted maintenance regularly.

  • Understanding your water heater type is the first step. The strengths and weaknesses of each model are different.
  • Any time you perform a minor maintenance task, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Keep an eye on the supply of hot water in your home. If your water supply seems to drop or heat up more slowly than usual, you should check your heater.
  • Identify the key components. You should, for example, know where the thermostat is, as well as the release valve, shutoff valve, and power source. By using this information, you can troubleshoot problems.
  • Always wear safety gear when you work on a water heater, like gloves and goggles.

When to call a technician?

No matter how advanced your water heater is, there is always a chance you’ll run into problems. Water heaters have a lifespan between 10 and 20 years; however, you should maintain them to ensure their peak efficiency. Many homeowners do not maintain their hot water heaters until it is time to call for repairs.

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