Hot Water Heater Repair

The saying goes, “The single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood.”

Leaking water is a minor inconvenience unless it is causing significant damage to the structures in its surroundings. That failure of structures will eventually put the safety of human life at potential risk. A standard water heater contains 40 to 50 gallons of water in its water tank, and everyone is quite aware of the temperature of that simmering water inside. As the hot water ejects from the leakage points, the cold water starts refilling the tank, eventually leading to a flood near the water heater. That leaking water can cause some grave unintended consequences for the basement, slab, partition walls, and garage of your home. It is advisable not to take some disorganized steps on your own. Instead, call FCS Water Heat Slab Repair to get things done systematically and professionally.

Who are we?

FCS Water Heat Slab Repair is a group of certified professional plumbing service providers. We are working round the clock to alleviate your distress.

Why us?

It’s been ten years since we are making people’s lives risk-free and saving their valuable properties. We are giving routine maintenance checks and overhauling the troubled water heaters with the help of our highly skilled professionals and modern tech tools to avoid any uncalled-for situation. Quality and client satisfaction is one of our top priorities. In the past ten years of quality service, FCS Water Heat Slab Repair has engaged with hundreds of clients. Our professional servicemen never succumbed to the situation, no matter how grave it is.

 Where are we providing our Services?

Our certified professionals are now in your town at your doorstep. They will help you save your expensive properties and, most importantly, your life from your ailing water heater. Our emergency plumbers provide water heater replacement, slab leak detection, and clogged drain cleaning.

Issues and our Remedial Measures:

T&P Relief Valve leakage:

These are safety valves attached generally at the top of the water heater or sometimes on the sides. They maintain a balanced pressure inside the tank to prevent it from getting exploded due to the accumulation of maximum pressure. If the T&P relief valve is leaking, you are just one click away from calling our skilled professional to get your water heater fixed.

Steel Internal Tank leakage:

 The internal steel tank gets encased in an insolation material protected with an outer metal body. Leakage of the inner tank does not allow you to examine it directly. Water leaking from this steel-made internal tank usually moves to the bottom of the heater because it is the only possible route for that leaked water to escape. In this situation, it is imperative to call our certified professional technician to help you get through.

 Rusting of Tank due to Age:

 An average water heater has a life of 11 to 12 years. After that, the water tank has a greater probability of starting leaking from the tank bottom due to the rupture caused by the rust and erosion. The problem may seem to be simple, but it can be complex to deal with. To evade any potentially unwanted situation, call our experienced service provider.